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How to Convert DVD Movies to iPhone Video using Movkit DVD to iPhone Ripper


1. Download the fastest DVD to iPhone converter software MovKit DVD to iPhone Ripper from , and install it.


2, Insert a DVD disc into your DVD Rom and launch MovKit DVD to iPhone Ripper.Click "Open DVD" button and you'll see a box below.just click "OK" for the next step.



3. Select a profile for your iPhone and click "OK" for the next step.



4. Check titles you want to convert.


If you just want to convert several chapters, tick the Chapters. Then preview and check chapters you want.



5.To choose the appropriate subtitle in the drop-down box.Please click the drop-down list and select one for using .To choose an audio, refer to the operation of choosing subtitle.



5. Please choose speific chapters are ticked and the split method is 'by chapter',If these movies are on your hard disk, you need to convert file with single mode.



6, Select the chapter you want to convert and checked it .


7.To adjust the profile feature,you can do it through two of ways. the first you may choose one by drop down list and the second you may do it by custom setting.





8. Continue... Select a mode for setting the frame size or frame cropping of output movie.



9, Click "go" button and convert the movie from dvd to iphone video format. of course , you can click button and stop it while converting.



10, When the conversion is completed, the folder where you save the converted file automatically opens.

Notes for veterans:

We offer a wide range of advanced options for veterans. E.g. you may choose to convert any segment of a DVD movie.


11. Before you connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC computer or use it, you must install the latest iTunes software.iTunes includes several options to automatically sync videos to your iPhone. Notice here on the very bottom of the iTunes window it shows you how many songs are in the playlist, along with the size and total playing time. no problem for my 4GB Apple iPhone.

At this point, you need to plug in your iPhone if you haven't already done so. It'll pop up the usual summary screen:



Cool. Now click on the "Music" tab and you'll see that you can select "sync playlist". Do that, then select the new iPhone sync playlist you've created, as shown here:



12. Set things up just as I have shown and that's all there is to it. Now click "Sync" in iTunes and it'll synchronize your playlist with the iPhone music library and next time you click on that ole' "iPod" button on the iPhone, your selections from you music library will be present.



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