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MovKit DVD Copy :: Interface

Interface of MovKit DVD Copy is self-explanatory. However, we decided to add some labels to the interface elements, so that you could make yourself 100% familiar with the program.


1. Open Source : A DVD or folder on you computer.

2. Clone Mode :

Whole DVD : completely copy all the Special Features, Intros, Menus, Subtitles & Languages, nothing to lose

Main Movie: intelligent copy main movie title, remove unnecessary intros, menus, language and sound tracks

Customize: personalize target DVD movie, just favorite title/chapter/subtitle/audio remained

3. Clone to :

DVD Recorder : Copy to DVD disc ; Directly disc to disc copy

ISO Image : Create ISO image for future burning

DVD-Video folder: Copy DVD to hard folder.

4. Refresh

5. Target Size :

DVD-5 ( 4.7GB): Compress a DVD-9 or DVD-5 movie to a 4.7GB DVD+-R/RW disk with no information loss.

DVD-R 1.0 (3.95GB) : The specification for the write-once DVD-R disc, DVD-R (3.95 GB) Book version 1.0 was released in 1997.

DVD-9 ( 8.5 GB): Backup a DVD-9 movie to a Dual Layer DVD+ -R/RW disc without compression or loss of data. To get this function your DVD burner must support 8.5GB Dual Layer disc.

Customize: Select your favorite chapters to copy, instead of the entire disc, to save disc space.

6. The information window

7. Click to start copying

8. Buy : Buy MovKit DVD Copy

9. Help : Opens the help menu.

10. Burn ISO file or DVD-Video folder to DVD Disc

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