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CSS (Content Scrambling System) decryption is integrated with MovKit DVD Copy, but not built into the software.

MovKit DVD Copy can copy CSS decrypted DVDs and is considered legal and shouldn't be targeted by the movie industry. Courts have ruled that separate CSS decryption software is legal.

DVD software that doesn't include CSS decryption built in are just as good as ones that have CSS built in. It just takes one extra step to download and install a free CSS decryption program (search for dvd43free on google, and install it).

321 Studios was put out of business because they were sued and lost. Their DVD X Copy Platinum contained the CSS decrypter built in. Now there is no customer support or software updates for their customers.

We feel that DVD copy software with integrated (not built in) CSS decryption is the safest choice since they will not likely be sued and go out of business.

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