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Movkit DVD Ripper Pro :: Monkey's Audio Encoder Settings

Tag Format: Choose APE Tag or ID3 Tag. APE tag has the same flexibility and scalability as ID3v2. It supports user-defined field names and scalable filed length. The format definition of APE tag is simpler than that of ID3v2. The implementation of APE tag is also light-loaded. In APE tag, the position of tag is optional, either in the header of the file or in the end of the file.

Compression level: Fast, Normal , High & Extra High

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when choosing a compression level. First off, higher compression always comes at the cost of speed - this means during compression, decompression, and playback. For this reason, it may not always be the best to simply pick "high" or "extra high." " Normal " is a pretty good trade-off between speed and compression. The jump from "normal" to "high" only saves around 6mb on a full audio CD. This savings may not be worth the extra time involved. The jump from "high" to "extra high" is even bigger, and only saves another few mb's a CD. This mode is only recommended when compression is totally crucial. Also, if you listen to your music while you use your computer, you may want to keep in mind the CPU usage differences between the options.


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