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Movkit DVD Ripper Pro :: Real Audio Encoder Settings

Audiences: An audience holds a set of streams for a particular target bit rate. The
audience defines a combination of audio, video, events, and image map
streams. Depending upon the type of input and the media profile settings,
different streams in the audience will be used. For example, if the input is
audio-only and audio format in the media profile specifies 鈥渕usic鈥? then only
an audio stream is generated using a music codec that takes up nearly all the
target bit rate.

Samplerate: "Auto" means to use the same sample rate as the source. The samples-per-second setting allows you to select the number of samples per second. For high quality, use 44100 (CD quality); for medium quality, select 22050 samples per second; and for low quality (e.g. voice), you can use a sample rate of 11025 samples per second.

Channel Mode: This option specifies the number of output channels, Auto, Stereo, Mono ."Auto" means to use the same Channel Mode as the source.

Complexity:Controls the resulting encoding quality by varying the
complexity of the encoding algorithm.

Max startup latency in seconds:Maximum audio preroll (initial buffering on playback).

Enable the audio limiter prefilter:The audio gain (in dB) with a range from +12 dB gain
(amplification) to -12 dB gain (attenuation).


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