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FLV is the format for Flash video files. Supported from version 7, FLV is now the preferred format for delivering video clips via Flash. it is a special file type used for Flash video. This file type is not played back directly 鈥?it must be embedded in (or linked from) an SWF file. How Flash Video Works please go to this link

Nowadays, broadband connections are widespread amongst the internet. Finally, video can be effectively added to website. But which format to go for? (Flash!). And how to get it done? This article features some tips and tricks for compressing and delivering video to the web.

Video formats
There are a couple of interesting video formats available for the web. So which one to go for? Nowadays, the best option is the Flash Video (FLV) format. Why? Well, because Google thinks so.

Note the sheer difference in web coverage and installer file size between Flash and the other formats. Also, installing the flash plugin doesn't require you to fill in tons of forms, subscribing you to redundant services and filling your mailbox with spam. Real is notably good in that, that is, if you can find the button for the free player at all ..

The video quality of most video formats is quite similar, except for the MP4 format which results in a slightly better size-quality performance. MPG compression is shitty, a thing from the past. Quicktime 7 introduced a superior new codec, H.264, last year. Also, Flash Player 8 introduced a similar impressive new codec, the ON2 VP6. What does this mean? If you use one of these two formats you get great video quality at small filesizes, but since the software is quite new, it's possible that your visitors first have to upgrade their plugin. Note that this runs automatically with Flash Player.

The only weak point of the flash player is that it only supports its native FLV format, so you'll have to convert your existing videos to the FLV format. But in most cases your original video material will be way too big for the web anyway. and more information

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