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MovKit DVD Ripper Pro :: convert dvd to Mp3, Wav,Wma,Ogg, RA(Real Audio), AAC/MP4, APE, FLAC, MPC

Tutorial : how to convert DVD to mp3 format

Please click the button on the main interface(or you can click "Open DVD " button on the main interface, then select DVD source driver in the submenu),

and then the program will switch to "Select DVD Source " interface.

Click the next button,the program will switch to "output settings " interface.

You may click "custom" button to edit for the output file, More about encoder settings ,please visit here

You can click on the "option" or "edit profiles" button to change some more settings for the output file. Please look at the details below:

If choose "by chapter" on split method,the output file will be split.However, It would be able to be altered to a file name such as 111 and
112 automatically. if you want to know more about interface. please visit here


Output directory:

Please click the "Browse" button to select the output directory or you can type the directory directly into the box.

When everything is ready, please click "start " button to convert .

When the converting is finished, the folder where you save the converted file automatically opens.

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Understanding the interface

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